UN goals

Our ACTION PLAN is inspired by the UN’s sustainable development targets. 

We take our clients on board with us and reward them every time they help us meet our goals. 


  • Actively seeking natural & innovative ways to eliminate harmful ingredients in commonly sold products, such as palm oil.

  • Supporting a new plant base approach in ingredients cultivation such as our work with stevia.

  • Implementing a reforestation program by employing local farmers to grow new forests that provide us all with better climate conditions via​

    • Cleaner air

    • Better Soil

    • Purer water 

    • Increased fauna for animals 


  • Reducing our impact on the environment through partnering with manufacturers that share our mission to lower our planets carbon footprint

  • Ensuring we offset our own carbon footprint by supporting clean energy initiatives

meeting the UN's climate development challenge 

sustainability policy

Today 7.7 billion inhabit the earth. That number is forecast to grow at a rate of more than 28% by 2050, resulting in a population increase to 10 billion people. An alarming surge that demonstrates the increasing trend in sustainability challenges in the way we live.

we care for

whatever is next

We support sustainability in our product development by setting measurable targets that help protect people, communities, and the planet:*


renewable energy

Reducing C02 through cleaner airs by 10,000 tonnes (for every B2B order we reduce 1.2 tonnes of Co2 by supporting green projects)


We create products that are free from animal derivatives and that protect their habitats


We are creating our own company forests by partnering with local farmers: 

  • Plant 10000 each year (for every B2B order we plant 12 trees) 


cleaner oceans

We invest more in plastic-free solutions.


We use more eco-friendly materials for all our packaging.

sourcing better ingredients

We invest profits in plant-based technology.


better working

We not only have great working conditions in our factories we encourage them to create greener jobs.

the impact

we can make


how it works

Every time you order from us we plant trees for you and give you a certificate when you reach certain milestones. The larger your orders with us the more we plant. We aim to create new forests every year with your support. 

Our goal is to plant every...

100,000 trees

and reduce...

1000 tonnes of C02 from our environment

every year*


*On average each business to business order donates 50 trees towards our cause and 1 tonne of carbon reduction from our environment.