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innnovation is in our DNA 

We created:

  • The First augmented reality Tetra Pak package development.

  • The First to use stevia in kids' drinks.

  • The First zero sugar kids’ ice pop.

  • Products that are palm oil free with long shelf life.

  • Everyday foods with enriched vitamins and fibre.

  • Advanced plastic-free packaging. 

new product




We actively seek ways to boost your category performance with product innovation ideas.

We give insights into what your potential customer wants next through product testing, evaluation, and reviews in part thanks to our

our whatever brands club.


We also share this knowledge for FREE with you through our whatever trends reports.

product formulation

& compliance

We have developed over 100 products at affordable prices by working directly with farmers, flavour houses & manufacturers. We can also identify & supply ingredients specialising in:

We have over 20 years of experience in exporting goods. We can help make your product export compliant through our consultation services.

nutritional consultancy

We are committed to making products that are good for people, planet and communities. 

We not only formulate and advise how to make products that tackle modern-day health and environmental issues.

We also help manufacturers and brands upgrade to new sustainable product trends.

Click below to find out more information on how we see the future in plant-based and organic trends.



We invest in production facilities to make sure they have the highest standards. We even co-develop products to white-label for retailers to meet the latest consumer trend demands.

We work exclusively with production partners globally to help bring product ideas to life. Specialising in:

  • food & beverage

  • health & beauty

  • personal care

  • seasonal / gift packaging

how we can help you

this is how we do it

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