innnovation is in our DNA 

We created:

  • The First augmented reality Tetra Pak package development.

  • The First to use stevia in kids' drinks.

  • The First zero sugar kids’ ice pop.

  • Products that are palm oil free with long shelf life.

  • Everyday foods with enriched vitamins and fibre.

  • Advanced plastic-free packaging. 


what's next

Staying curious is in our DNA and we actively keep our ear to the ground for what’s new to help boost category performance with fresh ideas.

we share this knowledge through our whatever trends articles which collate vital information for FREE.

next generation

Taking familiar flavours and giving them a new and exciting twist, pushing boundaries and giving new life to old favourites.

health halo

Clean, lean, and good for me. millennials are taking a pro-active attitude towards their health. Unwilling to compromise, they are looking for guilt-free, delicious foods.

all natural things

The distance between our plates and nature is decreasing as we look for fresh, raw, and all-natural flavours.

protein from new sources

Nowadays plant-based, organic, vegetarian, and vegan selections of foods are fast-growing even during the covid-19 pandemic.

freedom eating

Food rules are gone and in their place is the freedom to eat what you want, when you want, how you want it.

favourite flavours

From bold flavours to inspired creations, we are letting the food do the talking as we continue to hunt the blood flavour.

breakfast revolution

Breakfast is back! from indulgent creations to quick and convenient on-the-go options, breakfast is back on the menu.

global gastronomy

The world is getting smaller as our taste horizons continue to increase. from authentic recipes to inspired creation.

artisan food movement

There is an inspiring amount of skill involved in craft production. revered as craftsman and heroes.



Consumers are continuing to reject the idea that national brands are best, with 85% saying that they trust private label and 81% saying that they buy private label product during every shopping trip.


We help you build new private-label brands in the FMCG category from idea, to development right through the delivery to stores' shelves. 

  • We help manufacturers to create and license great brands to boost retail sales.

  • We can also manage the brands we create for you.

  • We find retailers that want to use your services for private label projects.

  • We help them develop products that meet market trends and can also be white-labeled for maximum ROI. 

  • We have already developed over 100 products that can be used for new product development needs.

product formulation

We put quality first and use innovation in our processes to keep creating exciting products for our customers to enjoy. In fact, innovation is in our DNA:

  • The First to use stevia in kids' drinks.

  • Products that are palm oil free with long shelf life.

  • Everyday foods with enriched vitamins and fibre.

By always pioneering the next generation of goods, many of our products also allow you to claim R&D grants on our developments.



We work with local farmers, flavour houses, development chefs, and NPD teams to source ingredients that enhance the benefits to consumers and affordable prices to ensure products with health benefits are accessible to everyone.

We have a network of local partner offices all around the globe to help source any products you need.

You can see some developments we have made here.

nutritional consultancy

We formulate cost-effective products to meet clients' briefs and help the entire supply chain follow trends especially in:​

  • plant-based

  • organic

  • cruelty-free

  • free-from foods

product compliance

& validation

We are committed to food safety and quality, always complying with all the laws and regulations that apply to our products. monitoring all the phases of the production process is at the core of our daily activities.


We control every step of our supply chain as this is vital for us to bring you safe and honestly good products.

people before profit

We only invest in factories that treat workers fair. 

involuntary labour

Manufacturers will not use any forced labour.


Manufacturers will comply with all applicable wage and our laws and regulations, including those relating to minimum wage, overtime, and maximum hours.

health & safety

Manufacturers will provide employees with a safe and healthy workplace.


Manufacturers will not discriminate in hiring and employment practises.

child labour

Manufacturers will not use a child younger than 16 years old.