innnovation is in our DNA 

We created:

  • The First augmented reality Tetra Pak package development.

  • The First to use stevia in kids' drinks.

  • The First zero sugar kids’ ice pop.

  • Products that are palm oil free with long shelf life.

  • Everyday foods with enriched vitamins and fibre.

  • Advanced plastic-free packaging. 



We help you build ranges by not just designing the products but also making them with our partners. We specialise in private label & own brand FMCG goods focusing on:

  • Food 

  • Drink

  • Personal Care

  • Seasonal & gifting 

We are constantly looking for the latest trends in FMCG, so we partner with manufacturers that share our mission and values to make sustainable products at affordable prices

(after all, you are only making a difference if everyone can afford it).

product formulation

We have developed over 100 cost-effective products that commit to looking after people, the planet and communities. 

You can also use these developments for

private label or white label.

We always try to use innovation in all our products. Here are some examples of what we have done:

  • we were the first in the world to use stevia in kids' drinks.

  • we have eradicated the need for palm oil in most of our foods.

  • we use ingredients that enrich our foods with vitamins & fibre.

  • we never use animal derivatives in any of our own brand products.

because of this our developments are usually R&D tax-friendly. 



We work with farmers, producers, flavour houses and manufacturers to source products at affordable prices.  We have particular expertise in food, drink and personal care items.

We also invest in manufacturing plants to extend their capabilities to sell to our retail clients. This includes investment into:

we source and create products  ensuring we look after the people that make them.

nutritional consultancy

We are committed to making products that are good for people, planet and communities. 

We not only formulate and advise how to make products that tackle modern-day health and environmental issues.

We also help manufacturers and brands upgrade to new sustainable product trends.

Click below to find out more information on how we see the future in plant-based and organic trends.



We are committed to food safety standards by monitoring all phases of production from only working with accredited factories to making sure the ingredients we use to comply with local laws.

We can also help make your products approved to meet religious requirements in particular:

some of the accreditations we work with.

how we can help you