The rise of sustainable chocolate

Sustainable chocolate is becoming more and more important, influencing consumers’ purchase decisions and their perceptions of the brands they buy. As such, sustainability programs have become commonplace among cocoa trading companies as consumers want to know more about the production context and the impact of their purchases.

New research from Cargill, which surveyed more than 7,000 consumers across 10 European countries, has found that consumers are looking for products with sustainability credentials and are willing to pay more for brands that invest in environmental or social causes (like deforestation elimination or child protection). These products need to be backed by concrete claims and compelling stories. Nearly three-quarters of these consumers are chocolate purchasers.

Younger consumers, age 18-34, are the most sensitive to these matters.

Among this group, 76% acknowledged that sustainability has become more important to them in the past year when choosing chocolate products, with just over half of these Gen Z and millennial shoppers reporting a corresponding uptick in sustainable product purchases.

Transparency, clean and clear labeling are more important than ever.

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