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saving plastic from our planet one shampoo bottles design at a time

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

BBDO Guerrero, introduces “The Dissolving Bottle” to the world, a shampoo “bottle” made to be familiar to the public. It’s just shampoo with no plastic. Or, as BBC’s Howard Johnson calls it, the shampoo bottle that is “100% Pinoy. 0% Plastic.”

Shampoo bottles are not good for the environment, as the resulting plastic contributes to polluting the Earth. That’s why shampoo bars are a great choice: These are usually wrapped in recycled paper. However, such bars are confusing, as most people expect to see shampoo in a bottle.

The agency came up with the notion that uptake of these new bar formats could improve if people's first reaction was steered towards the functionality of the product through shapes.

Each bar is the equivalent of a 90ml bottle of shampoo, has 130grams in weight. The campaign is supported by a website where brands are invited to customize their own versions of the bottle.

If you have a sustainable product in mind and you don't know how to develop it, get in touch with us. We can help.

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