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how avocados can change the world

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

When looking at solutions to how people can be enticed to eat better, you need not look further exploring different solutions. Here’s an example of how one simple fruit can be used to open up a new generation of fast-food eateries that push people to ditch the fried bucket and pick up a piece of handcrafted food art.

The Avocado Show is the world’s first all-avocado concept, known for "Pretty Healthy Food": visually stunning and delicious signature dishes. Each creation is made with love from sustainable and ethically sourced avocados.

If your body is a temple, then you should demand foods that would be given to the gods to enter it. Furthermore, it’s important that the founders of new ventures think of people before (only) profit and treat them with the respect they deserve by offering foods that do good, the right way.

The next chapter in the war against "junk food" will show people demanding better foods, both in and out of home, through a community spirit. To build on healthy eating habits it's important that entrepreneurs like Ron Simpson and Julien Zaal (the founders of The Avocado Show) think outside the box and make it easier to live a more wholesome life. Creating a book full of recipes to go alongside what they serve in-store, will definitely solidify their commitment to this cause.

These types of activities show that when good ideas meet great branding, influencing people to take up your offer will make it easier to "eat up the competition".

The design of the concept from the food itself to the interior of the stores and merchandise will drive the message more quickly than perhaps the product itself.

The simpler the design, the harder it is to execute. The choice of colours is one of the most important factors to set the mood of the brand and makes everything else fall into place. You can see from what The Avocado Show has done that it feels like a fun, guilt-free place to be and offers a brand look that can transition across many different categories and platforms.

The show must go on and here's where you can find the locations for your taste buds to be entertained.

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