from instagrammer to online vegan desserts business

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

It's not often we are totally taken in by a business story with such raw emotions and passions running through it. This is a great one from a mother Bex Walker and her daughter Tyler who formed a vegan dream team to make breakfasts worth waking up for.

"Daily posts of her breakfast on Instagram soon sparked the demand to buy Bex’s ‘no junk’ creations and after a few months she was selling the basic versions of her Bexfast Pots at a friend's bootcamp on Clapham Common".

This sums up how product development can be done from a passion into a business by testing on your friends and family first. They would also help to start creating new product developments with feedback she gained and soon she had a community of advocates waiting for her next "drop".

She not only sells online which is hard enough to do against much competition online, she also shares all the ups and downs of what its like owning a business on a shoe string budget. From moving kitchens during a pandemic to sharing true stories of her life, she is not only the brand, she is everything the business is about, no filter, no junk pure goodness.

One of the ways she breaks through the noise to silence other competitors, is the fact she makes her products on limited edition runs. When they are gone they are gone! Using social media with Instagram her most effective weapon of choice, to let everyone know when a new batch of her famous recipes are ready to buy.

The numbers might not be that of a multi national brand but this approach of grinding out a community that helps shape your business full of advocates is far more effective than having a business that sells to masses from the start.

Find out more here about what she is up to.

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