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food subscriptions from your favourite restaurants

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Restaurants are fighting back against the forced closure of their premises and finding new ways away from the traditional tech models to sell their products.

We have seen brands like Pizza Express enter the retail market from their take-home frozen Pizzas to signature sauces.

Other widely used tactics are the partnerships with aggregators such as Uber Eats, Just Eat, and Deliveroo. They have not only made famous brand foods easier to obtain online but they have also created new ways in which restaurants can enter new markets quickly at much lower costs with the emergence of dark kitchens.

Now there is a new phenomenon taking on these established service extensions with the emergence of subscription boxes which combines home cooking trends with at-home dining. Predictably Pizza Express was one of the first to enter this space but also Leon that are now also constantly looking for ways to utilise their brand in new platforms.

When restaurants have a clear well thought brand vision it is easier for them to enter into new market spaces with new offerings. Leon with its "love burger" DIY subscription box which allows customers to make their famous vegan meal offering at home, does not only give customers a great product to make at home but it also allows Leon to understand who and where people are buying their burgers.

This can influence where new restaurants/ dark kitchens can be set up to also sending offers for future subscriptions DIY kits, all with the aim of keeping revenues flowing no matter what obstacles may arise.

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