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focus on food fashion: Chupa Chups x Fila

Chupa Chups is one of those brands that "takes life less seriously" over generations. The vintage brand ( yes, it's old, 1958 to be exact).

The fact that many of its collaborations have been in non-food activities shows the dexterity of the brand to enter into multiple product categories.

Since the brand is internationally recognised and even replaces the word for lollipop in many markets, it can play on its reputation to reinvent itself constantly.

One such collaboration, that shows how widely recognised Chupa Chups is, is the one with Fila. An Italian fashion house brand, working with a Spanish confectionery company for a customer base in South Korea.

This brand extension shows how food and fashion can work side by side to open new sales channels and more importantly energise its fans with nostalgia, the one thing that evokes memories and takes people back to good times.

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