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design focus: Wild Aid empowers us to react against animal cruelty

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

WildAid NGO joined forces with BBDO Bangkok and launched a series of ads drawing attention to the difficult situation that endangered species are experiencing as a result of poaching. Consumers and their demands for wildlife products is what is causing these unsustainable effects towards the most endangered species on the planet such as elephants, rhinos, sharks, tigers, or the helmeted hornbill.

The campaign includes a series of illustrations that were launched in response to the increasing market and accessibility of wildlife products on popular social media platforms.

The angry emojis are used as a call out against this action on all the illustrations, speaking directly to the campaign's target audience.

The campaign follows the NGO’s mantra, “When the buying stops, the killing can too,” specifically to empower people to react and take action against any form of wildlife trade, by expressing the injustice these animals are going through on their social media channels.

Estimates show that the illegal wildlife trade is a billion-dollar industry. The demand for illegal wildlife is highest in Asia, where such “goods” reflect one’s status, wealth, or purported health benefits.

“Every small action matters! #ReactAgainstWildlifeTrade every time you see wildlife products on your social media,” The WildAid ads will be launched through its platforms across the US, Hong Kong, and Thailand but we encourage everyone to share them globally.

Source: Branding news


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