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design focus: peace & pizza

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

For this year’s International Day of Peace (celebrated September 21st), Pizza 4P’s created the “Garden of Peace.” to commemorate the day properly. The Vietnamese restaurant chain joined hands with Ki Saigon, a boutique creative agency, and brought its mission to life: "Peace Pizzas.”

At a first glance, the boxes do not seem out of the ordinary. These are your typical pizza boxes, made of cardboard and featuring no special design.

Only once the box opens, the real creative fortitude occurs. While the right side invites people to give harmony a chance, the left one seems to be hiding something… which can be easily discovered thanks to the “key” that gives the whole mystery away. This side in each pizza box hides one of the 27 amazing paper-made flower designs inviting to peace: every flower combing the flag colours of each of the nations that are in conflict.

The campaign was expressed through a series of videos, murals — made using the exact same ingredients used for the pizzas. “Murals for Peace,” the “Garden of Peace,” and the “Peace Pizzas.” all donated 100% of all proceeds from the sales that happened during the campaign towards the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund.


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Source: design news

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