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brand focus: Oatly does not have a marketing department!

It's true! Oatly made the bold decision that having a marketing department was suppressing their creativity. When the new CEO Toni Petersson brought in creative director, John Schoolcraft, they made a few decisions around creating an in-house creative team that allows them to move fast and make quick decisions.

It is arguably the reason why they push the boundaries and are known for their rebellious approach to creative marketing. The video below will give you some of the great things the creative did, explained from the horse's mouth.

You can see a selection of Oatly marketing approaches below, post their new creative led direction. You can also see their first approaches to the brand here.

The images selected are used to show the main key selling points that their messaging is aimed at (in totally random order):

  • a new generation of people who care for the planet over all else.

  • the way your everyday routines can be healthier by swapping from milk to oats.

  • the energy benefits of oats themselves.

  • the honest approach of wanting to grab your attention to read their propaganda.

  • the direct messaging to not drink milk.

  • using shots that have no relation to the product other than subliminal messages about appealing to young people to consume more oats.

  • the embrace of all diverse communities to come together and help make the planet a better one to live in.

  • subtle messages about the soil being better due to more oats being grown in them.

  • the fact they do not promote veganism as the main selling point and always stay on message about saving the planet.

  • Finally, oats, oats, oats over cows, cows, cows.

This goes to show that you can take your brand to new generations with new approaches and become a trend-setting product, simply by thinking differently and most of all, by branding better.

If you have any queries about brand development, please get in touch!

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