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artist focus: fashion brand Human Made x Pharrell Williams Sake drink

The worlds of music and fashion are back to bring us another unique collaboration that sees the new HUMAN MADE sake being launched after previous successes in food.

The sake comes from the combined efforts of Pharrell and NIGO and is the recipient of a gold medal in the Sake category of the IWC2020 (International Wine Challenge) — one of the biggest sake competitions in Japan.

According to HUMAN MADE, the sake is “characterised by its wild and rich taste.” Like the previous release, this bottle features HUMAN MADE’s fashion icon the “STORM COWBOY” logo at the front, while the back displays both Pharrell and NIGO’s signatures. “LIMITED EDITION” and “1000 BOTTLES” are emblazoned below as an indication of the sake’s limited quantity.

These collaborations help boost the profile of the brand in other channels and also diversifies revenue and pr streams for those involved. We have seen more people from the world of fashion and music enter the food category with great success if they are relevant contributors in their original craft.

If you would like to expand your brand into new categories, you can contact us for a free consultation.

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