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advice: rent a company and sell your services anywhere you like instantly!

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

After Brexit we found a mountain of red tape coming our way, so we thought we would share some advice and perhaps give you some help to expand your business efficiently.

The sharing economy has drastically changed the way business is conducted throughout the world, and a new segment, company sharing (or renting a company).

Many countries require a legal business entity in order to invoice clients and receive payments. Rather than incorporating their own business in a region, companies* are now turning to rent a company. This is done for two reasons: reducing the cost of doing business and convenience.

We came across this fairly new concept that allows you to "rent companies" due to some difficult issues post Brexit when trying to sell our goods from the EU to another EU country with a UK company. It is also an issue with some countries like Germany and Italy that preferred to be billed by a local company.

The benefits of using a service like this include:

1. The elimination of initial costs

2. Fewer monthly costs

3. Less paperwork

4. Flexibility with no long-term commitment.

5. Access to new customers who require local billing instantly.

The best companies offering rented companies include:

Rent a company Reviews for this service can be found here




We need a quick reliable service to help us get some goods from Lithuania to Poland and we will be using one of these providers.

You can email to ask for any advice needed on this.

*This service is only for service providers. (goods are not permitted).

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