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advice: getting a quick residency to start a business in the EU

Updated: Jan 18

Brexit has thrown up many new procedures that need to be circumnavigated. One of the main obstacles facing UK residents wishing to set up a company in the EU is residency.

Now that the UK is not part of the EEA, when setting up a company you are asked to pay for bonds that can cost up to €2000 (what we found so far).

You can consider working more freely in the EU by applying for a e-residency from Estonia.

Here is who should apply for this:

Digital Nomad Start and manage your paperless company while you travel

Freelancer Start a company with access to the EU market and payments

Startup Company Grow your company with access to EU customers and EU startup funding

Digital Entrepreneur Go-to-market in the EU quickly without excess paperwork or travel

This will give you more access to the European market at a low cost. The world is getting smaller and tech is playing a vital role in breaking down barriers to business even if politicians try and put them up.

If you want to apply for this you can find out more here