how we calculate how many trees we plant  

We donate 1 tree for every £100 you spend with us.

So, if you give us an order for £1000 we plant 10 trees. 


We issue certificates to show that you have given back to the planet in your company's name every:

  • 100 

  • 500 

  • 1000 

  • 2000 

  • 5000 

  • 10,000  

trees planted through orders placed with us.

we do more

With every tree planted we eliminate 20kg of carbon dioxide

from the atmosphere. 

our projects

  • Amazonia Rioterra, Brazil

  • Sacred Seeds, Colombia

  • Trees for Water, India

  • Mount Kenya Trust, Kenya

  • Dassa, Burkina Faso

  • Eden Projects, Nepal

  • Eden Projects, Madagascar

  • Usambara Biodiversity Conservation, Tanzania

  • Ketrawe Agroforestry, Bolivia

  • CommuniTree, Nicaragua

  • Conserve Natural Forests, Thailand

  • Sowing Water, Brazil  

  • Camino Verde, Peru

  • Bore, Kenya

this is how you help us save 

the planet