Why palm oil-free is important to us

Products that contain palm oil are more likely to cause damage to the rainforests and the animals that live in, including some of the world’s most endangered species like orangutans.

The way palm oil is grown for harvesting creates also millions of tonnes of greenhouse gasses leading to climate change.

Clara’s Selections is committed to doing things better by switching to responsible production practices, limiting the need of ingredients that damage the environment. In fact, we work with our supply chain towards the non-usage of palm oil where possible.

Our Clara’s wafer rolls contain less saturated fats, 23% less sugars, and less salt than other wafers, so the nutritional value of our products is considerably better.

Our percentage of cocoa is 6% higher, and this translates into a deeper chocolate flavour.

Our brand does not use palm oil, which contributes to the deforestation of the planet. We have also reduced the list of ingredients from 12 to 10 and we not use any corn starch or glucose syrup.

Our ingredients

Clara’s Selections of delights are made with irresistibly rich ingredients that gently melt in your mouth, cutting through the smoothness and accentuating their intense flavour.

Our small but indulgent goodies have no hydrogenated fats and greatly palm oil-free so that you can enjoy a guilt-free treat any time of the day!

Our Ethos

Made to be kept

Clara’s Selections are mainly crafted to be kept in decorative collectable tin jars. As a brand we believe in using less virgin materials as possible. We do this to encourage them to be reused or to be recycled, since tin can easily be recycled infinitely.  In fact we have created recipes on our site that tells people how to make our delicious treats so they can keep topping up their jars.